Risograph printing is nothing short of funky. Like LETTERPRESS, its imperfections are its charms, but, unlike letterpress, there’s a degree of chaos that can’t be controlled.

We currently have two machines and four ink drums—black, brown, blue, and green—although we’ll hopefully soon have a couple more.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, we have a few postcard projects in the SHOP that show pretty well what you can expect from this process that is a cross between offset and screen-printing and employs soy inks.

In theory, the cost is pretty low, and if your expectations are also low, we can make you a lot of prints for very little. In practice, and especially if you require multiple colors, there’s a bit of waste and labor involved, especially if registration is imperative.

Still, this is our current labor of love, so if you have a project that would benefit from a bit of low-fi love, we’ll be more than happy to entertain it–even if you need a color we don’t have (it’s possible to convert drum colors, with patience—and cost).